The autochorisexual flag.

Autochorisexual or aegosexual is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum that comprise those who have a disconnect between oneself and the subject of arousal. Autochorisexuals may have sexual fantasies, watch porn, or masturbate, but do not desire to have sex with another person. Often times, their sexual fantasies are viewed from a dissociative third-person perspective, and not from the first person. They usually involve other people, such as fictional characters or celebrities with the autochorisexual person without taking an 'active' role within such fantasies, where they only function as a disemodied observer.

The term "autochorisexual" is a micro-label, meaning that by saying that one is autochorisexual it is implied that one is also asexual. In this case, asexual is the primary sexual identity and autochorisexual acts as a modifier, making a specific sub-category of asexuals.

History Edit

The term autochorisexual was coined by Dr. Anthony Bogaert, a psychologist who specializes in human sexuality, in 2012[1]. How he classified this is a paraphilia as, at the time, asexuality was considered psychological disorder. This caused controversy with the name, with some not caring about the negative association and others choosing to reclaim the word, while others chose to identify with the label "aegosexual". The term "aegosexual" was coined by tumblr user Sugar-And-Spite, in 2015[2]. The term is meant to have the same meaning as "autochorisexual", but formulated with Latin roots, making the word easier to pronounce and discarding of the orientation's original perception of the orientation as a paraphilia.

Flag Edit

The autochorisexual flag is nearly identical to the asexual flag while it possesses a triangle with an inverted order of colors. The triangle represents a reverse of the apparent appeal of asexuality as a whole, as autochorisexuals are likely to be initially perceived as sexual people. The color associations remains the same with the asexual flag, with an extra meaning added to the grey stripe, along with demisexuals and greyasexuals, it represents the in-between of arousal.

Etymology Edit

Dr. Bogaert derived the term from the phase 'autochoris', meaning 'sexuality without identity'.

Aego- is derived from latin words with a- meaning 'without' and ego meaning 'myself', making the whole word translate to 'sexual without myself'.

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