Attraction is a type of feeling that sparks interest in a particular individual. Among some individuals, it is useful to think of attraction in terms of particular types or categories. Other individuals do not find this helpful, and some do not experience attraction at all (known as anattractional). Using or applying one of these concepts does not necessarily imply using all of the others. The "main three" attractions are often considered to be sexual attraction, romantic attraction, and platonic attraction.

Common Subtypes

Physical Attraction

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Emotional Attraction

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Additional Subtypes

Less commonly used words for types of attraction include:

Forms of attraction other than romantic and sexual attraction are sometimes referred to as tertiary attraction; however, that term is controversial because it positions non-romantic, non-sexual attraction as lesser than romantic and sexual attraction. The term eriattraction was created as an alternative.


Naming and differentiating between specific subtypes of attraction has been popularized by the asexual community in the early 2000s.[1] This is partly due to definitions of asexuality that emphasized a lack of sexual attraction.[2] As early as 2003, the FAQ page of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network mentioned that some asexual individuals may experience emotional or romantic attraction.[3] Other subtypes, such as aesthetic and sensual, also developed around or before 2006.[4]