The Astrogenital flag.

Astrogenital is a form of altersex referring to individuals who wish to have sex characteristics and/or genitalia that relate to outer space, or individuals who prefer to conceptualize or imagine their sex characteristics and/or genitalia as space-like. It is a subcategory of xenogenital. Imagining oneself with space-like sex characteristics may reduce dysphoria or cause euphoria for the individual.

Astrosex may be used if it relates to their sex as a whole, rather than just their genitals.

The term is commonly used by xenic and otherkin individuals, but anyone can use it. Not all xenic and otherkin people are astrogenital, and not all astrogenital people are xenic or otherkin. Some who are astrogenital may also be non-human alters in systems, and because of this they feel genital dysphoria and/or dysmorphia because their outward body doesn't match their inward body.

Systems who identify with this may also call themself aivotsex. One who identifies as this may also fit the diffastro label as well.


This term was coined by Tumblr user altersex on April 30th of 2021.


The flag was coined by Tumblr user altersex on April 30th of 2021. It has no confirmed meaning.