A flag with four even horizontal stripes. From top to bottom they are dark blue, purple, light grey, and dusty pink.

The asexual spectrum flag.

The Asexual Spectrum or Asexual Umbrella is a group of sexual orientations that all fall under the umbrella term of asexual. People on the asexual spectrum may completely lack sexual attraction or feel it so little that they relate more to the asexual experience than to the allosexual experience. The common link between people on the asexual spectrum is that they don't feel the "standard" amount of sexual attraction or they don't feel it in the "standard" way, that allosexual people do.

People on the asexual spectrum are often referred to as "ace-spec" for short. Ace-spec people can have any romantic orientation including aromantic.

Ace-Spec Identities

Ace-Spec Microlabels

A more complete list of ace-spec identities.

Ace-Spec Terminology


Although the asexual flag can be used to represent the asexual spectrum, a flag was created that represents all ace-spec people, not just focusing on people who are purely asexual. The flag was created by Tumblr user Potionflags on July 25, 2020.[1] The flag's color meanings are as follows: Dark blue/black represent the asexual community, its history, and solidarity. Purple comes from the asexual flag and represents asexuality of all kinds. This can be demisexuality, greysexuality, pure asexuality, or anything else. Dark pink represents self determination, pride in one's identity, and acceptance of oneself and others’ asexuality. Light grey/cream represents diversity in experiences and types of attraction.


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