Asexual Homoromantic (MLM) flag

Asexual Homoromantic (WLW) flag

Alternate Asexual Gay/Vincian flag

Alternate Asexual Lesbian flag

Another asexual homoromantic flag.

Asexual Homoromantic or Ace Gay/Lesbian is a combination identity where someone identifies as asexual or ace-spec and as homoromantic. This is a variant of asexual alloromantic.

The allosexual aromantic equivalent is homosexual aromantic.


Ace MLM Flags

The first ace gay flag was designed by pridemon on Tumblr on June 25, 2018.[1] The color meanings are currently unknown.

The second ace gay flag was designed by Justaround4ashortwhile on, the color meanings are as follows: Black is for asexuality, Grey is for grey-aces or demisexuality, White is for GNC, non-binary, and/or trans men, Light Blue is for being homoromantic, and Dark Blue is for masculinity.[2]

Ace WLW Flags

The first ace lesbian flag was designed by ftmi-go (formerly lovecraftianlesbian) on Tumblr, with the pink stripes coming from the Lipstick Lesbian flag, the purple stripes representing the asexual spectrum, and the white stripe meaning unity, "the coexistence of sometimes complicated and confusing feelings."[3]

The second ace lesbian flag was designed by harbringerofdevastation on Tumblr. The colors of the flag are a mix of the asexual purples and the lesbian warm colors.[4]