The aromantic allosexual flag.

An alternate aroallo flag.

Aromantic allosexual (shortened to aroallo or alloaro) describes people who are aromantic or aro-spec and also allosexual. They experience sexual attraction but do not experience romantic attraction (or experience limited romantic attraction).

The term and flag were created because it's often assumed that all aromantic people are also asexual.


The green and gold flag was created by Tumblr user Arotaro on December 27, 2018[1]. The colors of the flag mean the following: Green represents the aro community. Light green represents a lack of attraction, this obviously includes a lack of romantic attraction but also includes aros who don't want queerplatonic relationships and aplatonic aros. White represents the diversity of sexuality. It acknowledges the broad range of sexual experiences that aromantics can have. White was chosen because white light is made up of all other colors of light mixed together. Light gold represents relationships. Sexual relationships, queerplatonic relationships, friendship, family bonds, and any other type of relationship. Gold represents inherent wholeness and worth. The green, light green and white are the same colors from the aromantic flag. Yellow was chosen because it's the opposite of purple, the color of asexuality.

The green and brown flag was created on November 2, 2018, by Tumblr user Aro-punkwave[2]. It is not as widely used as the green and gold flag. The colors mean the following: Dark green represents aromantism and aro-spec people. Dark cream represents friendship. Dark red represents sexuality. Dark brown represents queerplatonic love and relationships. Black represents the sexual spectrum, likely coming from the asexual flag, in which black represents allosexuality.


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