The aroace flag.

Aromantic asexual, often shortened to aroace or aro ace, is a term that refers to a person who is both aromantic/aro-spec and asexual/ace-spec . Aroace can be used for any individual who identifies with both spectrums. For example, an aromantic asexual, an aromantic demisexual, and a lithromantic greyasexual can all be described as aroace.

Some aroaces may experience other forms of attraction that are neither romantic nor sexual, such as queerplatonic attraction, alterous attraction, or sensual attraction. If they feel that this attraction is significant enough to warrant a place alongside their aroace orientation, they may identify as oriented aroace or angled aroace. Asexual defines an individual who does not feel sexual or physical attraction to any gender, and aromantic defines an individual who does not romantically fall in love with anyone. To be aroace means you are not interested in dating any gender.

Flags[edit | edit source]

At least eleven flag designs have been proposed to represent the combination of the aro and ace umbrellas.[1] Most designs combine some elements from the aromantic and asexual flags, which feature green and purple, respectively.[2][3]

In 2016, a design was posted by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags that combined the aromantic and asexual flags directly.[4] Another design was later posted to the same account, embedding the aromantic flag in a heart shape, using an older (yellow) design for the aromantic flag.[5]

In 2017, a design was posted by DeviantArt user decaykid, using one less stripe and slightly different versions of the same colors.[6]

In July 2018, a collaborative design was posted by Tumblr user itsrainingsomewhereelse, created by themselves and Tumblr user users vass-rieh.[7] This design placed the black stripe at the top, followed by purple, gray, white, pale green, and dark green. According to the introduction post, the white stripe represents "the importance and validity of all relationships."

In August 2018, two more designs were posted on the joint Tumblr account milkshakeflags.[8] These designs both placed white horiztonal stripes in the middle, surrounded by two gray stripes. In one version, the white-gray center was bordered by two purple stripes on top and two green stripes on bottom. In the other version, the top purple stripe and bottom green stripe was changed to black.

In early December 2018, a design was posted by Tumblr user Aroesflags. [9] This design starts with an orange stripe at the top, followed by a yellow stripe, a white stripe, and two shades of blue. According to the introduction post, the white stripe represents "wholeness," the yellow represents "love and relationships," and the orange represents "community." This is one of the most popular aroace flags, as it's unique design shows that the aroace identity is something unique and is not just a combination of asexual and aromantic.

In late December 2018, a design was posted by Tumblr user aromagni.[10] This design placed a purple stripe at the top, followed by blue, pale green, white, and gray stripes. According to the introduction post, the blue represents the "intersection of having both ace and aro identities," and the white represents "unity and inclusion."

In April 2019, a design was posted by Reddit user dog_of_society.[11][12] This design combined the asexual flag with a spade symbol on a green triangle.

In September 2020, a design was posted by Tumblr user pastelpansies.[13] This design combined varying shades of pastel purple and green, placing a pastel purple stripe at the top, a slightly lighter purple under it, white in the center, a pastel teal stripe, and a slightly darker pastel teal under it. According to the tumblr post, the purple means "acceptance", the lighter purple means "love", the white means "unity", the lighter teal means "peace", and the teal means "dependability". This design combines the colors of the original aroace flags, but does it in a way that's unique enough to show that it is its own identity.

Similar Terms[edit | edit source]

Unit Aroace: coined by Tumblr user @aroacepagens May 2019, - “a term for aroaces who don’t see their aro and ace identities as being split”. [14]

Ay: A term for people who are both not allosexual and not alloromantic” [15]

Nullic/Nullian: March 2020 by user @4874deceive on tumblr. “ Orientation version of gendernull. aroace but undefined, like dividing by 0. void, nonexistent, impossible.” [16]

Spadillic/ Spadille : Reddit user Kingdomcrown/ Tumblr @Glassreefshark. “A general nickname for someone who feels no romantic/sexual attraction.” Derived from the ace of spades from ace community symbolism. [17]

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