The aro-jump flag.

Aro-jump alternate flag

Aro-jump is a romantic orientation where one is normally alloromantic, but one occasionally experiences rare, sudden, and intense spikes of total or near total aromanticism for a short amount of time, before returning just as suddenly to one's normal amounts of alloromanticism. It can be thought of as the opposite of arospike.

The sexual equivalent is ace-jump.

History[edit | edit source]

Aro-jump was coined, along side ace-jump and aroace-jump by Tumblr user x-mogai-glitch-x on May 20, 2020.[1]

Flag[edit | edit source]

The alternate flag was created by reddit user u/Orion1626 on October 23, 2020. The green symbolizes aromanticism and the original flag. Inspiration was taken from the spike flags, but the triangle was reversed to represent a jump away form the romantic orientation someone normally posesses.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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