The appromour flag.

An appromour is a type of relationship which is not quite a queerplatonic relationship but also not quite romantic. Appromour can also be used to describe one's partner who they are in an appromour with. There may be some overlap between an appromour and queerplatonic relationship, and the terms can be used somewhat interchangeably, however an appromour may not fit into the “typical” idea of queerplatonic relationship. The relationship may appear like a romantic relationship to outside observers or even those in the relationship. People in an appromour may desire or be comfortable expressing and performing a number of typically romantic activities. They may live together or get married. It looks like and may be very close to a romantic relationship but is still decidedly not romantic.

One may feel queerplatonic attraction towards their appromour, however they may also feel something similar to romantic attraction or even partial or fleeting romantic feelings. This is often because one or both people involved in an appromour are aro-spec, possibly lithromantic, platoniromantic, aroflux, or any other greyromantic identity.

History Edit

The term appromour was coined by Tumblr user Pixelprattlexp, on December 28, 2018[1] as a way to describe their relationship with their spouse (Cheettai​). They knew they wanted to be “life companions” but as both of them are aro-spec it became clear that their relationship would not be a “traditional” romantic relationship.

The word appromour is a portmanteau of the words "approximate" (close to, but not completely accurate or the same, or notably different but strikingly similar to) and the word Amour meaning love.

Flag Edit

The appromour flag was posted by Pixelprattlexp's partner, also on December 28, 2018[2].

The flag is similar to the aromantic flag with the light green stripe representing the aromantic spectrum, the white and shades of gray represent the spectrum of feelings and presentations of aromantic love. The pale red stripe represents love that is similar to romantic love, but not quite. There is an equal sign crossed with a black stripe, on one side is a red heart, representing romantic love, on the opposite side is a green heart, representing aromantic love, showing that aromantic love is not the same as romantic love.

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