Exclusionist Association
Note that this is an identity claimed and/or associated with exclusionists; however, it is possible to have a non-harmful identification with this identity.

Antykic flag

Antykic flag with meanings

Original Antykic flag (made by harmful individual)

Antykic is a gender/xenogender in the Tavaline System connected to old antiques/items passed down as family heirlooms. This gender may feel antique, full of thought, mysterious, of fascinating origin, and/or precious. One who identifies as Antykic may feel as though one's gender is a precious antique passed down for generations, similar to an inheritance; often representing a fragile thing, sometimes even intangible.

History and flag

This term was coined by FANDOM user Ariathatsme on May 26, 2021 as an addition to the Tavaline System. The flag was designed on the same date by the same user and the meaning goes as follows: purple for fragile objects and value, green for mystery, white for connection, and brown-grey for vintage aesthetics.

This term, however, was coined by a harmful user who faked systemhood, manipulated users, was exclusionist, and was endophobic. Because of this, people may be hesitant using this term, however it may be used in a reclaiming manner.

The new Antykic flag was coined by FANDOM user B4K4S0FTW4R3 on Oct. 8 and the meanings are as follows: Purple representing mystery, pink representing fragile/frail objects or value, tan for vintage feeling/aesthetic, and white for the connection to such. The meanings are taken from the original flag.


The word antyk is Frisian for "antique".