The Angled Aroace Flag

An alternate angled aroace flag

An angled aroace is a person that is both ace-spec and aro-spec who also identifies with a non-aroace orientation label. Angled aroaces may be:

  1. aro/ace-spec (ex: aro and lesbian demisexual)
  2. aro-spec/ace (ex: ace and pan greyromantic)
  3. aro-spec/ace-spec (ex: gay acespike and demiromantic)
  4. aroace with a third/additional type of attraction (ex: bi alterous aroace)

For example, the above angled aroaces may choose to identify as a lesbian angled aroace (1), a pan angled aroace (2), a gay angled aroace (3), and a bi angled aroace (4). As in the fourth example, some angled aroaces base their additional label on a form of nonromantic, nonsexual attraction, such as platonic attraction, sensual attraction, aesthetic attraction, alterous attraction, or any combination.

The term angled aroace is similar to oriented aroace (which is a term that generally only indicates aroaces with a third/additional type of attraction), and it was created by Tumblr user Black-Aros on March 24, 2019 in response to claims that oriented aroace is only for certain aromantic asexuals.[1][2]


The angled aroace flag was posted by Black-Aros on March 24, 2019, shortly after announcing the term.[3] The yellow stripes were chosen as an opposite of the blue of the oriented flag. The light brown gradient beneath them meant as a visually-appropriate parallel to the gray gradient of the aromantic and asexual flags.


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