Angled aroace

The angled aroace flag.

An angled aroace is someone who is aro-spec or ace-spec but experiences a form of tertiary attraction that is neither romantic nor sexual, but is significant enough to warrant a place alongside their aroace orientation. Angled aroace is similar to oriented aroace, the difference being that oriented aroace is only for those who are flat out aromantic and asexual. Angled aroace is a term for aro-spec aces, aro ace-specs, and aro-spec ace-specs. They may be demi, grey, or another a-spec identity.

Examples of how to use the term would be: bi angled aroace, lesbian angled aroace, etc. If you want to be more specific, you could say for example: bi angled demiaro ace, lesbian angled aro grayce, etc.

The term was coined by Tumblr user Black-Aros on March 24, 2019[1].

Flag Edit

The angled aroace flag was make by Black-Aros on March 24, 2019, shortly after coining the term[2]. The colors mean the following: Yellow, the opposite of blue, used in the oriented aroace flag. It is also the other color used in the orange/blue aroace flag. Light brown, represents the grey stripe of the aro and ace flags. Dark brown represents the black stripe of the aro and ace flags. Brown was chosen instead of grey and black to make the flag look more cohesive.

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