The androgyne flag.

Androgyne is a identity under the non-binary umbrella. It is described as being both masculine and feminine, or in between masculine and feminine. Some androgynous people may identity as bigender, with one masculine gender and one feminine gender, while others may identify as a single gender that is not completely male or female, but somewhere in between. Some people may use androgyne interchangeably with non-binary or genderqueer.

An alternate androgyne flag.

One does not necessarily have to feel equal amounts of masculinity and femininity. For example, one could feel 80% feminine and 20% masculine and still be androgyne. For some androgyne people the amount of masculinity and femininity they feel can be fluid.

Historically androgyne, or androgynous was used interchangeably with intersex, however it's now recognized that that is not accurate. Not all intersex people identify as androgyne and vice verse.

The Necker cube.

Androgyne should not be confused with androgynous. Androgynous is a gender presentation where someone presents with a mix of masculine and feminine features or in a gender neutral way. Not all androgyne people will present androgynously, and not all people who present androgynously are androgyne. Androgynous is a quality that a gender or gender presentation can have, but it is not a gender on its own.

Flag and Other Symbols[edit | edit source]

The androgynous flag has three vertical stripes, pink representing woman, blue representing men, and purple representing androgynous people, a mix of the two.

The androgye symbol. Unicode: U+26A8 ⚨

Other symbols of androgyny include the the Necker Cube. In was proposed as a symbol in 1996 by an androgyne person, Raphael Carter, due to it's ambiguous geometric shape. Carter says "because it is either concave or convex depending on how you look at it."[1]

Another androgyne symbol is a mix of the male (Mars) and female (Venus) gender symbols. It is used as symbol for androgyne as well as for intersex. Sometimes shown pointing in any different direction, to distinguish the two. It is also the alchemical symbol for iron sulfate.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Androgyne is a combination of the Greek words "andr-" meaning male, and "-gyne", meaning female.

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