Ambiamorous flag

A flag with 5, uneven stripes. The biggest stripes are on the top and bottom of the flag. The middle stripe is equally as big as the top and bottom. The colors are light blue, sky blue, black, hot pink, and light pink. In the middle is a white 'a'.

Alternate ambiamorous flag

Alternate flag created by Sleepygender

Ambiamory is defined as the ability to enjoy both monoamory and polyamory with little to no preference between the two. This is not a type of relationship, but rather a specific feeling one may have towards relationships.

An ambiamorous individual may have only one partner, or they may have multiple. In the case of having multiple partners, consent from all individuals involved is required. Everyone has to be aware that their partner has other partners, and they also have to express that they are okay with it, otherwise it's simply cheating.

This can apply to romantic, sexual, queerplatonic relationships, or any other type of relationship. Ambiamory can be used as prefix for other forms of attraction. For example, in the case of queerplatonic attraction, "ambiamorous" may be switched with "ambiqueerplatonic." In the case of alterous attraction, the term "ambiamorous" may be switched with "ambialterous." However, these forms for attraction can be grouped into ambiamory; alternative terms simply exist for those who don't feel the "-amorous" prefix properly fits their relationship types.


The ambiamorous flag was coined by Tumblr user beyond-mogai-pride-flags on an unknown point of 2020. It has no confirmed meaning. The second flag was coined by an unknown. The third ambiamorous flag was coined by Tumblr user sleepygender on March 11th of 2020, and also holds no confirmed meaning.


Ambi comes from the prefix ambo, which means "both" in Latin.


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