The amabris flag.

The vulnera amabris flag.

The religio-amabris flag.

The m-altpect flag.

Amabris is an altersex term used to describe someone who is AMAB who desires breasts (top surgery) but do not desire any alteration to their genitals. They may have any gender identity (transgender, cisgender, non-binary, anonbinary, etc) and the reasoning behind their altersex identity may vary.

Reasons for why one may be amabris include, but is not limited to:

  • An individual that has body disconnect, dysphoria, and/or dysmorphia but only towards their chest.
  • An individual that is multigender and one of their genders is similar to their assigned birth gender, which causes only partial dysphoria.
  • An individual that desires a medical transition, however they also desire to form biological children, which causes mixed emotions towards the idea of bottom surgery.
  • An individual that has sexual trauma that relates to their chest, causing one to desire a change.

Counterparts to this term include afabris, AMAB-V, and AFAB-P.

Amabris subsets

Vulnera-Amabris: an AMAB individual who desires breasts due to trauma. This trauma most likely is sexual, however it does not have to be.

Religio-Amabris: an AMAB individual who desires breasts, but will not get bottom surgery due to religious beliefs or practices.

M-Altpect: a cisgender man who desires breasts for whatever reason. They may or may not also be a dysphoric cis individual.


The term amabris was coined by Tumblr use plurgai on February 20th of 2021.[1] Vulnera-Amabris and Religio-Amabris were coined on March 4th of 2021 by Plurgai and M-Altpect were coined on March 14th of 2021 by Plurgai as well.[2]


The main flag was created by Tumblr user plurgai on February 20th of 2021. The Vulnera-Amabris and Religio-Amabris flags were created by Plurgai on March 4th of 2021, while the M-Alpect flag was created by Tumblr user kalliepride on March 14th of 2021.[3]

Multiple of the flags are similar to the altersex flag, however they all have no confirmed meaning.