The original alterous flag

Alterous attraction is a form of emotional attraction. It describes a feeling that is not necessarily platonic/queerplatonic, but also is not romantic in nature. The term was first introduced in approximately 2015.[1] Since then, it has been variously used for a pull toward emotional closeness or intense feelings that may or may not have any relation to the romantic/nonromantic binary.[2] Since 2016, some definitions of alterous have been criticized for implying than platonic or nonromantic feelings are inherently weaker than romantic ones.[3] An alterous crush is known as a mesh, although the term is not widely used. One who does not experience alterous attraction may identify as a-alterous or nonalterous.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The alterous flag was made in 2016 by Tumblr user Alterous-Albatross. According to the introduction post, "The yellow stands for platonic. The gray stands for the gray area between romantic and platonic attraction. Pink represents affection. Red represents romantic."[4]

Another proposed Alterous flag features three of the same stripes from Tumblr user Alterous-Albatross original flag, but includes a blue-grey stripe instead of a grey stripe to match other alterous identity flags. As before, the yellow stands for platonic. The blue-grey represents alterous attraction itself and how it exists somewhere in the gray area between platonic and romantic attraction. Pink represents affection, and red represents romance.

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