The alexigender flag

An alternate alexigender flag.

Alexigender, also known as congender or confugender, is a micro-label for genderfluid individuals that know they move between genders but never know exactly what gender they are at a certain time. These people might understand if they're feeling more feminine, masculine, androgynous, or neutral at a certain time, but not know the exact term for what gender they feel. They might also understand if they never feel masculine, neutral, androgynous, or feminine, but still not understand what that means.

Alexigender/alexi- can be used in combination with another identity, or it can be a stand-alone.

History & Flag

This term was coined by Autistickanaya on Tumblr, while the designer of the primary flag is unknown. The yellow alternate flag does have known color meanings: The yellow stripe represents nonbinary genders, and the fading to grey represents the confusion and haziness around one's gender.[1]

Another alternate alexigender flag


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