The agendersylph flag.

Agendersylph (also known as agenderfaon, agenderfeor, or agenderfen) is a form of genderfluidity in which someone is exclusively (or near exclusively) fluid between xenogenders or otherwise uncommon identities, while still being connected to genderlessness. Someone who is gendersylph would never (or very rarely) identify as a gender within the binary but (nearly) always identify with being agender/neutrois. This identity can change at random and can also fluctuate in intensity. This identity is similar to agenderflor but specifically includes xenogenders/uncommon genders.

Examples of agendersylph include:

  • Being both agender and gendersylph.
  • Being gendersylph and (almost) always agender to some degree.
  • Having agender as a base of one's gender and having a fluid connection to xenogenders.
  • Being gendersylph and currently agender.


The term was coined by Tumblr user themogaidragon on March 20, 2020, inspired by the terms agenderfaun, agenderfae, and agenderflor.[1]


The agendersylph flag was created by Tumblr user themogaidragon. It is a combination of the agender and the gendersylph flag. The black stripes and the green stripe at the middle comes from the agender flag. The rest is from the gendersylph flag.