A flag with three, uneven stripes. The colors are off white, yellow, and off white again. The yellow stripe is comically small in comparison to the off white stripes.

The agamous flag.

An alternate flag with 5 stripes. The colors are yellow, light yellow, white, light grey, and grey.

An alternate agamous flag.

Another alternate agamous flag by TheDarkNebula

Agamous refers to someone who does not engage in relationships or marriage.[1][2] Agamy abandons the idea of partnership and the amatonormative relationship model. People who practice agamy may do so because they do not want to deal with jealousy, possession, abuse, and dependency may be present in relationships. Others simply enjoy being completely autonomous and free without a partner.

Agamy may overlap with relationship anarchy as agamy allows people to establish any kind of bond with the people around them without needing to label or define those bonds. Agamy also says that the idealized concept of "partner" is empty and unrealistic.

One may or may not engage in sexual relationship for the sake of reproduction or pleasure, as sex is not exclusive to relationships.

An agamous person may also identify as nonamorous or afidelitous.


The term 'agamy' has been around for a good number of years and has since then been adopted by the queer community, most often by those who are a-spec.


The agamous flag was coined by Nonmonoprideflags[3]. It has no confirmed meaning.

The second Agamous flag was coined by a user foing by Artemis on November 22nd, 2020. It was based on the original. The darker yellow stripe represents agamous individuals on the asexual spectrum, the light yellow stripe represents agamous individuals on the aromantic spectrum, the white represents all other sexualities, the light grey represents independence, and the dark grey represents self pride.

The third agamous flag was designed by FANDOM user TheDarkNebula on May 25, 2021. It has no set meaning but is inspired by the first two flags.