the aesthetigender flag

the aesthetigender flag without the emblem

Aesthetigenders, also known as aesthetgenders, aesthetegenders, or videgenders, are a series of non-binary xenogenders that are either derived from, are the embodiment of, are similar to, related to, or share the qualities with an aesthetic or a sensory experience. Aesthetigenders can be based on symbols, ideas, or things. And are typically described using things like texture, size, shape, light, sound, or other sensory characteristics.

They are similar to and often overlap with noungenders, however noungenders generally describe genders as being like or being related to a thing, while aesthetigenders describes genders as having a similar aesthetic to or sharing qualities with a thing or concept.

Aesthetigender can be used as a gender on its own or it can be used as category of genders.


Blue and pink for boy and girl. Orange for personal touch, as it’s a personal gender. The yellow star indicates that this is both a non-binary gender and a unique and personal gender[1].


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