Aesthetic attraction is a form of physical attraction to a person's appearance. It is defined as an attraction to the way someone look, or how they present themselves. It is typically based on a desire to observe someone because one finds them aesthetically pleasing. It is often described as a similar feeling to looking at a nice painting or landscape. In the asexual community, the term is typically used to distinguish aesthetic attraction from sexual attraction.

Among those who experience romantic attraction or sexual attraction, attraction to an aesthetically-appealing appearance is sometimes considered a necessary element of the experience.

One of the earliest uses of the term "aesthetic attraction" among asexuals was in 2005, on the AVEN forums.[1] Since then it has been commonly included in lists of subtypes of attraction.[2]

An aesthetic crush is known as a swish, although the term is not widely used. One who does not experience aesthetic attraction may identify as a-aesthetic or nonaesthetic.

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