The adgender flag.

The admasculine flag.

The adneutral flag.

Adgender is a gender modality that refers to someone who moves towards a given gender, or gender presentation. It is slightly more inclusive than terms like transmasculine and transfeminine as it includes people who wouldn't be included by trans. Examples include:

  • The adfeminine flag.

    An AFAB bigender person who has been on testosterone and now needs to do the same things as transfeminine people to pass on days where they feel like a girl. This person wouldn't be transmasculine but adfeminine.
  • A male headmate in a system who has to dress the body of the cis woman host when they front in order to feel themself would be admasculine.
  • A cis man with Kallmann syndrome who chooses to take testosterone might consider themself admasculine.
  • An AFAB non-binary femme might call themself adfeminine because they feel like they're transitioning into a different kind of femininity than the heteronormative role they were assigned at birth.
  • A butch woman who transitions but wants to avoid the connotations of transmasculine might feel more comfortable calling themself admasculine.
  • A female headmate in a system who, in world, is transfeminine but the host is an AFAB body. They would be adfeminine.
  • An intersex person who has undergone medical intervention but doesn't consider themself trans might consider themself adgender.
  • A trans woman would be adfeminine and transfeminine, because in this case adfeminine an umbrella term that transfeminine falls under.


  • Adfeminine - Someone who moves towards a feminine gender or feminine presentation
  • Admasculine - Someone who moves towards a masculine gender or masculine presentation
  • Adneutral - Someone who moves towards a neutral gender or neutral presentation


Adgender was coined by Queer-Buccaneers on June 22, 2018.[1] The flag was created on July 14, 2018, on beyond-mogai-pride-flags.[2] The adfeminine, admasculine, and adneutral flags were created on July 22, 2021, by wiki user Celestialsofia.