The acoromantic flag.

Acoromantic is an identity on aromantic spectrum that refers to someone who experiencing romantic attraction that one wants to act on, but at the same time has a strong aversion to engaging in it due to bad experiences, apprehension, or other misgivings about being involved in romantic relationships or activities involved in a romantic relationship, etc.

Acoromantic can be combined with other identities, for example, acorbiromantic. An acoromantic person might not identity as aromantic, or aro-spec, however acoromantic is considered an aro-spec identity because one does not experience romantic attraction in the "correct" way as deemed by society.

Acoromantic is typically used by people with PTSD or other trauma involving romantic experiences. It can also be used by neurodivergent or disabled people whose neurodivergency or disability could cause apprehension about acting on one's romantic attraction. However the term can be used by anyone who feels a strong aversion to acting on romantic attraction.

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