The acespike flag.

Acespike is an asexual orientation on the asexual spectrum. It is defined as someone who usually feels no sexual attraction, but occasionally has rare, sudden, and intense spikes of sexual attraction for a short amount of time, before returning, just as suddenly, to one's normal amounts of asexuality.

Acespike can be a sexual orientation on its own or can combined with other orientations. For example, one could be acespike and gay, meaning that when one does experience sexual attraction it's only towards people of the same gender.

A redesigned acespike flag by tumblr user i-love-my-trans-body It features the -spike pink diamond in the center, running the whole vertical length of the flag. In the background there are large upper lavender colored and lower plum colored stripes, separated by a white stripe in the middle with the same proportions as the bisexual pride flag

A redesigned acespike flag by tumblr user i-love-my-trans-body

The romantic counterpart to acespike is arospike. Being both acespike and arospike makes someone aroacespike.

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