The aceflux flag.

Aceflux is a sexual orientation on the asexual spectrum. It is defined as someone who's sexual orientation fluctuates but generally stays on the asexual spectrum. An aceflux person may feel very strongly asexual one day and less asexual another day, they might feel demisexual or greyasexual at times. Some aceflux people may feel like they are allosexual at times.

Aceflux can be a sexual orientation on its own or can combined with other orientations. For example, one could be aceflux and gay, meaning that when one does experience sexual attraction it's only towards people of the same gender.

The romantic counterpart to aceflux is aroflux.

Flag Edit

The aceflux flag consists of five stripes making a gradient between red and purple. Red represents allosexuals and purple represents asexuals. The gradient represents how aceflux people can move from feeling strongly asexual to strongly allosexual.

Etymology Edit

"Ace-" is short for asexual and "-flux" is a suffix used for orientations or genders that can change, and is short for fluctuating.

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