The M-altguina flag.

AMAB-V is an umbrella term for altersex individuals who were assigned male at birth and desire a vaginas, however they do not desire any other female sex traits (hormones, top surgery, etc.) They can have any gender identity (transgender, cisgender, non-binary, anonbinary, etc.) and the reasoning behind their altersex identity may vary.

Reason for why one may be AMAB-V include but are not limited to:

  • An individual that has body disconnect, dysphoria, and/or dysmorphia, but only towards their genitals.
  • An individual that is multigender and one of their genders is similar to their assigned birth gender, which causes only partial dysphoria.
  • An individual that is non-binary and wishes to display that through their choice of reassignment surgery.
  • An individual that has sexual trauma that relates to their penis, causing one to desire a vagina instead.
  • An individual that desires a vagina due to their personal sexual preferences.

Counterparts to this include AFAB-P, amabris, and afabris.

AMAB-V subsets

X-difsex: a non-binary or anonbinary AMAB individual who desires a vagina instead of their penis.

M-Altguina: a cisgender man who desires a vagina for whatever reason. They may or may not also be a dysphoric cis individual.


The term AMAB-V was coined by Cryptocrew on April 18th of 2021, along with the term X-difsex. The term M-altguina was coined by Tumblr user Plurgai on May 13th of 2020.[1]


The M-altguina flag was created by Tumblr user Plurgai on May 13th of 2020. it has no confirmed meaning.