The ADHDgender flag.

Alternative ADHDgender flag.

ADHDgender, also known as ADDgender, is a neurogender which can only be understood in the context of having ADHD, or when one's ADHD greatly affects one's gender or how one experiences gender. ADHDgender is not ADHD as a gender, but rather is a gender so heavily influenced by ADHD that one's ADHD and one's experience of gender cannot be unlinked.

One reason why one may identify as this is due to the fact that there are many studies showing that those with ADHD are more likely to be transgender,[1] meaning this identity may apply to those individuals.

ADHDgender can be a stand-alone gender or it can be used in combination with another gender to show that one's experience of that gender is tied to ADHD. One's gender can be influenced by ADHD in many ways. For example, one may describe their gender as "hidden behind brain fog, knowing it is there, while being unable to get to it" due to their ADHD.

Alternative ADHDgender flag combining both flags.

Not all with ADHD identify as ADHDgender; only those whose gender experience is influenced by them being ADHD. ADHDgender is an exclusive gender as individuals without ADHD cannot have a gender influence by ADHD.


ADHDboy is a neurogender for someone who is a man or is man-aligned, and feels as though their gender is, to some extent, influenced by ADHD, or can only be understood in the context of having ADHD.

ADHDboy is not ADHD as a boy-related gender, but it is, indeed, pertaining to masculinity and manhood. ADHDboy is an exclusive gender, for it can only be claimed by individuals who have ADHD.


ADHDgirl is a neurogender in which one is a woman or is woman-aligned, and feels as though their gender is, to some extent, influenced by ADHD. The connection can either feel as if them having ADHD has influenced their gender to where it is today, or it can feel as if having ADHD is making their gender more confusing.

It can even feel as more of a bigender, depending on the individual. However, an ADHDgirl is, indeed, influenced by ADHD, but also somehow aligned with or connected to femininity. ADHDgirl is an exclusive gender, as it can only be claimed by individuals who have ADHD.


ADHDgender was coined on or before July 8, 2020, on the LGBTA Wiki by Wikia FANDOM user Oog22.[2]


The first ADHDgender flag was coined by Fandom user Oog22/Poivre (who also created the gender page in itself) on 8 July 2020. The uneven strips and rainbow colors depict the disorder that ADHD stand for; the butterfly because it's often considered as ADHD symbol.

The second ADHDgender flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on October 14, 2020. The rainbow represents neurodivergence, as well as ADHD symptoms existing on a spectrum. The butterfly is a common ADHD symbol. The colors are soft as to be accessible and easy to look at.

The third ADHDgender flag was created by Betacherub, a wiki user on June 2nd, 2021. The purpose of the flag was to combine the above two, allowing for the top flag to be more access able. The butterfly is a common ADHD symbol.

The ADHDgirl and ADHDboy flags were coined by Fandom user Stitchy0 on January 2nd, 2021. As for ADHDboy, all the colors have a slight blue tint to represent masculinity, while the design was inspired by the alternative ADHDgender flag. The same holds for ADHDgirl, but with a reddish tint, to represent femininity.