The ADHDgender flag.

Alternative ADHDgender flag

ADHDgender — also known as ADDgender for those having the inattentive presentation — is when one’s gender is affected by ADHD, whether formally diagnosed of the condition or not. ADHDgender is not ADHD as a gender, but rather is a gender so heavily influenced by ADHD that one's gender and ADHD cannot be unlinked.

Given that, ADHD has the same effect on gender as executive dysfunction has on life; one can feel it but cannot get to it. Besides, there are many studies showing that ADHDers are more likely to be transgender.[1]

Not all ADHDers identify as ADHDgender, only those whose gender is influenced by them being ADHD. Just like autigender, ADHDgender is an exclusive gender as, obviously, non-ADHD people cannot be ADHDgender, because they have no hyperactivity nor attention deficit to influence their gender.

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